Banshee still hasn’t showed up. Asher and I drove all around on the four wheeler yesterday and came up with nothing. I stopped and talked to a farmer and hopefully he’s on the lookout for her. I saw a buzzard circling a field and I tried to find the spot, but still came up with nothing. I thought I saw her laying in a bean field, but it was too far away to know for sure, so we walked up close enough to see and it turned out to just be plastic… thankfully.

I’ve been preparing Asher for her not coming back home but I think I’m more tore up about it than anyone. I don’t think he understands the finality of it all. I’ve told him it’s like Ma-maw going to heaven and not coming back. I was so upset and tearful yesterday and unable to hide it and Asher asks if I’m sad about Banshee and I said yes, so maybe he understands more than I realize. It’s not looking like she’s coming home. With this heat, I don’t know how she could survive without water unless she’s found a creek. I hate not knowing. I miss my Baby Girl.

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