Recently I painted a woodland themed nursery painting. It went off the color selections the mother-to-be had selected for her soon to be born babies room. She had selected pink and mint green. I’m thinking the woodland theme is pretty popular right now. I love the woodsy theme they’ve picked, it reminds me of the one I used for my son. I painted a huge tree on his walls. Even though I’ve offered, he likes it so much he doesn’t want me to paint over it.

Sometimes I sketch out a painting and other times it just comes intuitively. In this case, I needed to sketch it as I was following a certain look. A look that is quite different than I usually paint, a very simplified painting to go with the theme.


I painted in the landscape with sweeping hills and a clump of trees. I think I lightened and darkened this part two or three times, trying to get it just right.

The beginning of a painting with hills and trees

Next, I had added some mint green trees in various levels. Mint green is an odd color I feel and I can’t think of anywhere in nature that it naturally occurs. The closest I can think of is lichen, the stuff that grows on trees and rocks but even then it many times has a yellowy green.

Then I sketched in my sweet little deer family, Papa deer, Baby deer in the middle and Mama deer peering curiously.

Drawing in the deer family in the painting

I’ve mentioned before that my Dad is a artist too. Sometimes I’ll run a painting by him to get his opinion. This is one of the those cases. You can’t see it from these photos but I had the eyes wrong on the deer and he helped me see what the problem was.

That’s all it takes sometimes, a fresh pair of eyes to point out an issue – in both cases! Before, they looked like aliens… LOL He also had the good idea of having Mama Deer munching on a little grass, which I think turned out great. It gives the painting just a little more interest.

So, here’s the finished nursery painting ready to hang on what I heard was mint green walls. The mother-to-be was thrilled. It always makes me happy to know someone is moved by my paintings.

I imagine her along with Future Daddy holding the baby up to the painting and telling them stories about the deer family. Then as the child grows, she’ll make up her own stories and tell them. That really makes me happy. Who knows, maybe having an original painting on her very own walls will inspire her to become a painter or a writer.

Finished Woodland Family painting of a deer family in the country.

If you’ve ever thought of having a custom painting made for yourself or as a gift, contact me. Whether it’s a nursery painting or a special piece for your own walls, I’m sure we can come up with something unique and wonderful. Or if you’re not looking for anything custom but still need a gift, take a look at what I’ve got available in my shop in the way of Original Paintings.

Oh and I had to share this beautiful sunset I took April 8th from my back deck. I haven’t used a filter or altered the colors in any way. It was so beautiful looking through the trees to see the purples and pinks with a touch of yellowy orange at the horizon line. I just love the bits of reflections in the lake. It really took my breath away. Mother Nature constantly fills my cup.

Beautiful April sunset

paintings by Jaime Haney

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