My lucky friendship stars are shining brightly down on me! My good friend Sandra over at Under The Sun With Me has sent me the sweetest Valentine’s package! I say my lucky stars because I feel so lucky to be friends with Sandra and so many of you out there in blog land. Even though we may never meet in person, my life has been enriched and sweetened with your friendship. Sandra has also lost her dear mother and we cry together but also rejoice in knowing we will both see them again. She has a great blog, a great eye and is very creative. I’ve many many times wished I had the ability to “beam” myself over there in San Diego to attend her shows with her. Oh well, I’ll just have to settle for reading all about it on her blog. Also, she picks out some of the greatest music to read her posts by. One of my favorites happen to be playing now, which is Into the Mystic by Van Morrison.

Now to show you all the goodies!!

Here is the pretty packaging…

pretty packaging that Lightning had to check out

The chocolates were promptly gobbled down. OOOO they were sooo creamy and yummy!

how appropriate was the little saying!
ain’t that the truth!

Then a sweet little Valentine Card…

I love dragonflies!! This one has some bling! Even better!! (she really knows me!)

Part of what was inside… a sweet friendship magnet!

How adorable are these little stuffed lovey’s??? She handmade them! They are so sweet! I happen to love crows and who doesn’t love hearts? Their little feet are made of spools.

Here’s where I put the dragonfly, right on my desk so he can watch me surf.

I haven’t decided where to put my little heart yet, but the crow will watch over the birds outside and the kitchen.

Sandra, you have no idea how you’ve probably outdone my husband for Valentine’s Day!

I really have to thank Sandra for her kindness and friendship. Thanks sistah! This just made my day to open up the mailbox to find that box! Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside 🙂

Aren’t friends the best?!
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