Irises were never really the star of my garden’s show. That is until this year. I’d had a couple of varieties for most of my gardening life here at this house. The basic purple ones and white ones. The white ones were kinda special because they were old fashioned and smell heavenly plus they were really tall, taller than normal. (shown below with Zoey)

brown and white dog sitting next to old fashioned white irises

While beautiful, they’re blooming time was so short that I didn’t give them much space. The past couple of years, my friends have shared a few of their irises with me and all I can say is wow. I think the yellow ones, which were new for me, stole the show.

yellow and purple iris flower

My friend Glenn gave them to me last year and if you don’t know, the way you divide irises is you dig them up after blooming and then hopefully they’ll root real good to flower the next year. Glenn also gave me the white ones that are the shorter ones (not the ones with Zoey). He wasn’t sure their colors when he dug them up, but it looks like I got more white than yellow. That’s okay, I love them all. Oh and the yellow and purple was from Glenn as well.

yellow iris flower

Together, they put on such a show this year that I’ve nearly dedicated an entire bed to them and planted many more this year for even a hopefully more spectacular display next year. Now later, when all I’ve got to look at are those blue-green colored swords I may be sorry. But I’ve tried to plant summer perennials in front of them to help conceal the bareness.

white irises blooming in morning

burgundy iris flower

Unfortunately, the show is now over for this year. Us iris fanatics have already dug up and traded our rhizomes. In fact, I’ve already planted the ones I was given. I’m so proud of myself. Usually, I’m terrible at procrastinating planting things mainly because my gardens are so full that it’s hard to find a spot without making a new garden. And I can’t be making any more work for myself. I have enough to keep a small gardening team busy already!

two tone purple iris flower

But has that stopped me from getting more plants??? No. No it has not. It’s an obsession.

Oops I did it again, caught buying more flowers

Oops I did it again

Oh well, I guess I could have worse addictions, right?

The mauve one is from my friend Lynda, the Iris Queen. We just call this one Light Mauve. It’s actually prettier in person. Mauve is a tricky color to capture.

mauve iris flowers

I was going to add more flowers from a little earlier in the spring, but I think I’ll end this for now and share some of my favorites from a month ago next time.

Hoping you’ve enjoyed the irises this time. I’ll have more gardens later.

Happy Memorial Day weekend! – Jaime


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spring floral paintings by Jaime Haney

A few paintings from Delights of Spring

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