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I just recently had the good fortune of being asked to interview with Dianna Ranger, a professional organizer, of Location Matters  in top central Iowa. I jumped at the chance. Are you kidding me? Who doesn’t love to show all their hoarded goodies off to everyone?! Maybe some don’t like to share, but I do! She has a monthly feature called Organized Creativity on creative types and here is what Dianna says about it:

 …we introduce you to people who have organized an area of their home for their creativity to flourish. We share photos of their spaces as well as their tips and tricks for getting and staying organized.

She had some excellent questions for me and I, being a bit long winded like normal a fountain of information, had a lot of fun going into detail on each one. It even includes photos. So if you’re a little like me (nosey) and would like to see even more of my art studio and how I keep all my art things around me plus a couple mug shots just hop on over to Dianna’s monthly feature on creatives and their spaces. I’m Miss September… ha ha

Location matters logo banner

Here’s the link to Location Matters and the article. Make sure to like her Facebook page, there is a link on her site. She has great ideas and advice for organizing and clearing out the clutter!

Jaime sitting in her studio

Here’s my practice shot at a self portrait. I did change my ratty clothes, added lipstick and fixed my hair for the final shot 😉

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