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First I want to say I finally put my terra cotta pots on my etsy shop, now how do I get people to view them??? I'm not having a lot of luck with etsy. But I'll keep on trying.Now ladies and gentlemen... (dum dat duh dum) for the highlight of the evening, I want to...

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Can’t Catch Me!!

I think I'm raising a soon to be speed demon. My kid has this Gator, a battery powered miniature version of the real John Deere Gator. This thing goes 9 mph! I'm not sure I can even run 9 mph! Well, I guess I can because he's already got brave once and headed too...

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Professional Artist, dreamer, gardener and paranormal enthusiast. Join my email list Visual Stories for special perks and invitations. Artwork available on my website. Follow my blog about my artist life, gardens and behind the scenes of paintings I'm working on even the occasional ghost investigation review. ❤️: painting, iced tea, houseplants, flowers, music, scary movies, life in the country with my family, 4 cats. Remembering my ever faithful studio dog, Zoey RIP.

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