So, summer has hit here in full swing and I have been slacking big time on the blog. If I didn’t get a chance to visit you this last time from PPF (Paint Party Friday), I’m so sorry and I’ll be by this week for sure to see both installments.

This PPF, I’m showing my finished painting from last week which was from my May installment of Sisterhood of the Traveling Sketchbooks.

Next week the Farmer’s Markets start and I’m seriously considering doing it again to sell some artwork. There are actually 3 in my vicinity of 15 minutes away each way. I’d better get my paintbrush fired up! If you’re thinking what does artwork have to do with Farmer’s Markets? then you are not aware of it apparently being a trend. To be fair, I am selling plants, too. I’m also trying to stick to artwork that is related to this type of theme this year. Hey, that may be a perfect place for my pastel peppers from a few weeks ago! They invite crafts people and artisans to help generate interest since most of the produce isn’t available yet (in our area). Are there any of you that have good luck selling your artwork at a Farmer’s Market? I’ve done it before with limited success. Click here on this Farmer’s Market to see my set up for last year and the year before.Β  I plan to make my booth more attractive for sure cause it looks pretty lame. I’d love to here any of your tips, tricks or stories about Farmer’s Markets and sprucing up my booth πŸ™‚Β 

Happy Friday Gang!

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