Good grief time flies! Another week has gone by and it’s Paint Party Friday again! I’m sharing another page from my Sisterhood of the Traveling Sketchbooks project. I’ve been mentioning it for a long time now, but if you’ve missed it you can catch up on what it is here. We have already mailed off our sketchbooks to our selected sistah and the fun has started!

This is my sign in page and I struggled for a while as to what to put on this page. I was seeing great ideas from all my Creative Sistahs and didn’t want to flake out. So, I thought long about what this project is and it came to me that our sketchbooks are like a bunch of gypsies, or travelers as I’ve read they prefer to be called. (But I have to say I think gypsy has such a romantic notion, especially to North America and it is not seen as a put down.) Anyway, they are like gypsies in that they are traveling the lands and seas! to bring inspiration and creative fellowship to each of the Creative Sistahs. I keep referring to Creative Sistahs and that is just something I call all of us. There are 13 that have joined this 13 month project. It is closed to new sistahs right now, but if you are interested in doing something like this we will probably be doing another project or if you don’t want to wait start your own!

So here it is, my Vardo or gypsy wagon sign in page. It is a combination of some pictures I’ve found on the net and my imagination. I blurred out my exact address to ward off potential kooks. I liked the idea of peering past a gate to the Vardo to give it a little mystery. Yesterday I gave a first look at my self portrait, see it here.

Please take time to visit the talented artists at Paint Party Friday and here’s your invitation to join us!

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