Hey hey hey! There’s a party going on down here! A Paint Party that is. πŸ™‚

One of the things I’ve worked on this week was my Sisterhood of the Traveling Sketchbooks project for July (a teensy bit behind). This is in Nicola’s book of Nicola Toms Designs and I call it “Shimmering Nights”. Sorry about the glare. This painting is a little different for me, more simple and a bit abstract. I used a gigantic bristle brush to try to get that streaky look. I used copper paint to make the shimmers. These are acrylics. The painting is of the nearby Ohio River at night on the fourth of July when we have fireworks for Independence Day in the US. The goldish, coppery shimmery ones are my favorites. I just love fireworks.

I have developed a fascination for metallic paint and went to the Blick Art Supplies store to hopefully buy a set, but was disappointed to find they didn’t have many metallics to pick from. Only your usual gold, silver and copper and I am wanting metallic vibrant colors to try. I’ll have to order online. No big deal but I’m a right now kinda girl, guess I’ll have to wait. Plus I was hoping to use my 40% off coupon for there for a set. Dang. Michaels didn’t have any either other than a few craft grade for kids which I did buy 2 to test out. Asher can always paint with them if they don’t work out. Does anyone have any experience with metallics… any brand you would recommend or even stay away from?

If you want to see what is painted above it on the facing page, I have it here.

Happy Paint Party Friday. See all the creative participants here.
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