Welcome to my entry for Paint Party week 24. I am later than normal and my painting isn’t finished, but I’ve made it! I call this Water for Elephant and I’ve created it today as I’ve watched Hurricane Irene make her way up the east coast. It is in my new media craze… metallic acrylic paints and now Jacquard Pearl Ex.

I am watching Nightly News and have heard New York City is now under a hurricane warning. That is just crazy talk! This week has been a natural disaster week. The earthquake, which we felt here in Indiana and now the hurricane which looks like it will affect a lot of people, no doubt. I feel for those people, how will they all evacuate? I hope the devastation is minimal and pray for the people in it’s path. Most destruction and lives lost is from flooding though, I’ve always heard. So as the coming hours bring fear, let’s pray a miracle happens and Irene breaks away and heads east to the Atlantic. I have many blogging friends on the east coast and my prayers are with you all.

Water for elephant – India ink on gesso, work in progress
Water for elephant – adding metallic paint
close up
see the shimmer from the metallic paint?

This painting created itself pretty much. I started out thinking zetangle with my paint brush loaded up with india ink. But then it started to show me an elephant and then a waterfall and all the other hidden images. Maybe I was inspired a bit by my son’s book of I Spy. Have you seen those books? I think I am addicted to them. 🙂

Of course the colors in the photo are not as brilliant as the original, too much sunlight on the painting when I took the picture. I am not sure about the red face in front. I’ve already bumped it up to a darker red and now I’m thinking it’s taking the center of attention too much. It’s not finished yet, so I’ll post the finished piece later.

See all the fantastic work from Paint Party Friday. Have a great weekend!
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