painting 10 - unfinished abstractPainting 10 – Unfinished piece. I wanted to post this today even though it’s unfinished after the kinda depressing and self-pity post I had on Friday. Today… I am back in the saddle with guns blazin’! Okay no guns and I got back on the horse rather slowly. Saturday turned out to be a day full of meetings and running from here to there so I didn’t get any painting in whatsoever. But I did manage to get this going earlier today and I also prepped about 14 more boards so I won’t be able to use that excuse not to paint. It is much easier to paint when you have a canvas that is ready to go.

So, I’m being leisurely with no particular direction in mind for this painting yet… just playing around, having fun with pretty colors like violet, blue and I even got a little of my metallic action going on in there. I’ll see where it takes me hopefully tomorrow. I am thinking a very nice depth to it with many layers will happen. Loose, abstract and easy going may just be my theme for a while. Not as much pressure on myself to get something right.

There it is. I’m back in the game. I’m a day late and few dollars short but I’ve shown up and that’s what counts, right? I hope you all have had a relaxing weekend. See you tomorrow!


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