picture of finished painting titled "Return to Avalon"Painting 11 is “Return to Avalon”, 8×8 square

Whew I’m just scooting in a little after midnight and I’m ready to go to bed, so this will be quick. As in usual fashion this painting started out to be something entirely different but I have to say in this case I rather like the way it turned out.

As I painted layers and swishes I was thinking of painting leaves and tree branches, something I love to paint and will continue to paint, but as I looked deep into what was becoming… I began to see little parts of what you see here just peeking out and showing itself to me. What a surprise. I’ve painted abstract landscapes before but none like this, none as moody as this and I like the moodiness. It is finished, just needs a signature.

As I painted I began to think of what I thought was happening in the painting and to me it is nature revolting against a now non-existent humankind. We died from our own accord after assaulting our mother earth and nearly using her up for all she had and now she is quickly returning to her natural self. I may turn this into a series, I can see it clearly.

I snapped some photos as I worked… Thank you for being here, I’d love your thoughts.

Process of painting called Return to AvalonUPDATE: 1/18/14
I wanted to add to this post since this is the painting that sparked a series after it, four more paintings. If you want to learn a little bit more about this as I questioned myself as to why I felt the need to paint these, the answer is in the next post. I have links below to all of the paintings. Thank you for comments and support.


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