painting #12 called Reconcile

Painting 12 is “Reconcile”, from a new series I’ve titled “The retaliation of Mother Nature”. 8″x8″

This painting and three others I’m working on (not shown) are spawned from the first painting, “The road to Avalon”, in what has now become a series called “The Retaliation of Mother Nature”. I painted The road to Avalon as an abstract landscape. The place doesn’t exist anywhere but in my imagination. But I got to thinking of why I was inclined to paint that because it is not really the norm for me and realized I have been influenced by what has been going on with the chemical spill in West Virginia. Yesterday, as I drove home from taking my son to school I wondered to myself if that will come our way or affect us in any way. It wasn’t but three minutes later when the news came on talking about the spill and said that officials in Cincinnati were preparing for it. Well, that really got my attention as we are maybe five hours from there. Later I heard my area will be testing for it as it is expected to reach us this weekend since the Ohio river was contaminated. Wow.

So, I decided to do a series on what our world would look like without mankind in it. No animals either since we will have killed off the natural resources needed to survive for all of us with polluted skies, land and waters. I guess I could call this my first environmental political statement. This painting in case you couldn’t tell what it was is parts of a bridge that has fallen into water. Foliage has started to grow up and is hanging down off the concrete braces. Bits of the bridge can be seen poking out of the water below.

The environment has always been kept in mind in my day-to-day life. I attempt to be as environmentally friendly as I can and keep my area as unpolluted as I can. I recycle everything I am able to, I try to be organic in my gardening and we own a hybrid car. The problem is, we live in the country with farmlands all around us growing mostly corn, beans and wheat. You may think what is wrong with this, but I have seen first hand what the runoff does. I see the scum and unnatural color my lake has floating on it after a rain and the runoff from the fields come pouring in. I smell the strange chemical smell in the air as I take Asher to school when the factories are doing whatever they’re doing and the wind is just right. The chemicals the farms and factories load into the fields, crops and air ultimately end up on our dinner tables and in our bodies.

I live in southwestern Indiana where the air quality is some of the worst in the US. Cancer statistics are through the roof. I worry what future this will be for my son and his children… for all of our children and their children.

Will we push ourselves into extinction?

Okay, I may be a little dramatic with that, but haven’t you thought about it?

Below are a couple of work in process shots.

Reconcile work in progressReconcile work in progress

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