painting of dead tree and building with creek or stream in between Painting #14 titled “Resumption” 8×8 inches, part of the ongoing series titled “The retaliation of Mother Nature”.

I’m still exploring my environmental paintings and here is the latest finished piece. I’ve got one more planned for tomorrow. I’ll wait until they are all finished before I offer them for sale. “Resumption” (which just means renewal of) is a painting of a decaying building and a dead tree with a stream running in between them. The building and the tree are both “dead” if you will to signify that man killed both themselves and nature… for a while. But the life that the stream brings back is apparent with the vegetation that is starting to come back like the vines climbing up the dead tree and embracing it while weeds, saplings and brush along the building begin to flourish even in the shadows of the hollow structure. Man however does not come back.

Below is the explanation of the series:

A piece from the series “The Retaliation of Mother Nature” where humankind no longer able to coexist in harmony becomes extinct after polluting the planet and allowing chemicals to pour into the rivers and oceans killing off all the sustainable natural resources. Able to revive herself after a short period of time without human contamination, vegetation begins to flourish while the remnants of people and their structures begin to fall into ruin.

I have a total of five paintings so far in the series, but haven’t finished them all yet. Here are links to the other paintings in the series that are finished:

process of Resumption - 3 stages of the painting


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