Finished painting of black and white tuxedo cat smelling pink tulips

Painting 16 is titled My Funny Valentine, 10×8 inch on canvas.

I’m running behind on my paintings but I did finish this one today. This is my kitty Mocee tip toeing around some beautiful pink tulips that I got for Valentine’s Day last year. I’ve had this photo in mind for a painting for a little while now and since Valentine’s Day will be here shortly, I thought it would be a great time for it. She is funny and while not quite a Valentine baby, she was born on Leap Day a few years ago… that’s close enough 😉

I have the most wretched cold. I got it from my son who was so gracious as to share it with me. We are both miserable. It’s putting a stop to my late night painting. Today it snowed and they called a snow day… great. I cannot remember ever having this many but I’m sure we did. I recall the blizzard of ’78 I think it was. I was eight years old then and the snow was so high my mom put bread bags on my legs so I could go out in it. Anything for a Mr. Pibb back then. My dad would say I’ll buy if you fly… which meant I’d get one if I trekked over to the coke machine. Of course I never turned that down!

Anyway, here are the photos I took along the way of this painting. I just love the color combinations here of pink, green, charcoal, black and white. Do you remember I painted another painting of a Luna Moth with these colors? Must be a subliminal thing, I didn’t do it intentionally. Go here if you’d like to see that or be reminded of it.

Thanks for following along with me on my journey.phase one-blocking in color on top of sketchphase 2 painting in leavesPhase three - painting black parts on kittyphase four - painting pink tulipsphase five-refining tulips and darkening shadows

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