I’ve made it to the second day! Day 2 of the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge and painting #2 is of a red ginger plant. I’m calling her “Lady in Red”. 8″x8″ acrylic on panel.

This is the kind of plant that always reminds me of my mom. Red and tropical. I’d grow this beautiful ornamental plant if I could. I suppose I could grow in the summer, and then put it in my greenhouse but the greenhouse is more than full these days. Better yet, I’d love to grow this red ginger in my yard and that would require me living in some fantastically tropical place like Hawaii!

So a little about this red ginger plant… First of all, I’ve been careful in trying not to call it a flower. The red parts that we see as a flower are actually the bracts, like a poinsettia plant. Also, this plant isn’t really native to Hawaii, it just grows beautifully there and hey, I’d love to live in Hawaii. They use this plant for naturalizing in Hawaii and the flower is actually white.

Red Ginger is actually native to Melanesia, a subregion of Oceania extending from New Guinea island in the southwestern Pacific Ocean to the Arafura Sea, and eastward to Fiji (according to Wikipedia).

sketch of red ginger plant on board


painting of red ginger plant

This painting is available for sale by clicking here.

What’s the point of the 30 Paintings in 30 days challenge?

I want to be a better painter. To be a better painter, I must paint more and more.

The whole point of the challenge is to get yourself back in the habit of painting everyday. Now I haven’t stopped painting, but I certainly haven’t painted as much as I wanted in the last few months. It’s kinda scary to look back and see what all I haven’t accomplished. So I’m joining in with the challenge to give myself a goal and to help me to feel held accountable, too. Not that the Painting Police will come and pick me up if I don’t paint everyday, it’s more of a self motivation thing. I’ve signed up on Leslie’s website and I’m hoping to be able to accomplish a lot of painting.

I’m not expecting to get gallery worthy paintings each day, I may not even paint a whole new painting each day. I’ve been there done that and that was stressful. I put the stress on myself, but nonetheless, it was stressful. I do hope to foster the act of going into my studio each and every day to get more painting accomplished. You know what they say about habits, it takes 21 days to form one. It will help me get better by practicing more and more.

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paintings by New Harmony, Indiana artist Jaime Haney

some of my paintings

Learn more about me on the ‘About’ page in the menu at the top. I’m an artist – a painter mostly and an avid gardener. I paint a variety of subjects including birds, koi fish, my gardens, ponds and flowers as well as anything having to do with nature especially trees and tropical scenes. I also enjoy painting abstracts and have started creating more and more of them. My most favorite thing to try to achieve in my painting is mystery.

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