painting of mama crow and baby in nest

Painting 6 is “No Greater Love”, Mama crow and baby in their nest.  Is there any love greater than that of mother and child? If you are a mother, and I am, I think not. I really enjoy creating little characters out of these ravens and crows that I paint. I feel they have a lot personality that they show me as I create them.

“No Greater Love”, 8″x8″ $85 US, on masonite panel, unframed. Shipping $6 in US. (contact me if you are out of the US)

Okay, okay… if you’re counting this is day seven and I’m posting painting six. I confess I skipped a day. I sketched this yesterday but didn’t paint it. It looks like school is back on tomorrow after 2 snow days, so back to our regular schedule and that means I’ll probably not paint again tonight. But that also means I’ll have more free time while Asher is in school for me to paint uninterrupted. I’ve enjoyed our time together but he is getting cabin fever and we are both ready for him to go back to school and a regular schedule.

This painting is a little different  for me in that it’s a bit on the cutesy side, but how can you make a baby crow not look cute?! I added the heart with love and Valentine’s Day on my mind but how appropriate is this for a nursery? or Mother’s Day as well? I’m sure you’ll see this again come then 🙂 Hope to be back tomorrow!

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