painting #8 titled "I'm all ears" is a painting of a snowy owl with colorful ear muffs on

Painting 8 titled “I’m all ears” –  SOLD
prints and note cards available soon.

I mentioned the other day that I was contemplating what to paint that day and someone suggested a snowy owl, so I told them I would add it to the list. Today is the day, so Missy if you’re reading this… thank you for your suggestion! Of course it couldn’t be just a normal snowy owl, there are plenty of them around painted very nicely. No, I wanted to paint a snowy owl with style and sensibility. Doesn’t he look hip in his earmuffs? I thought it rather clever by playing on the fact that these beautiful birds live in Canada most of the time and are called “snowy”… haha. I’m loving the human quality to the creatures I’m painting.

I have to admit the 30 in 30 is a bit daunting. I have to be much more careful with my time and my house is a wreck. I took time to fold gads of laundry yesterday and I kid you not, I folded for a hour and a half. Today the vacuum got some use and we had a super quick dinner of pancakes… I know, hold the applause for mother of the year awards. I haven’t been to bed before midnight since this started. It’s not the actual painting everyday that is so hard, it’s the completing a painting everyday and do all the things I must to get it on here and on Leslie Saeta’s blog with all the other paintings. But when I look at my new shelves getting full, I can’t help but feel I’m accomplishing something kinda special here. Not only am I going to have a bunch of new inventory for upcoming shows, I think I am starting to pick up speed and definitely confidence. I have no choice but to jump right in, sketch and get to painting!


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