It’s the season for Easter lilies. They were practically everywhere I went in the last month. I’d love to have one, but only if I can plant it in the garden. I can actually, but it would only last this summer and I’d have to bring it in to the greenhouse. Which I could do, but it’s pretty packed in there. I may try it sometime if I find them on clearance.

Now that Easter is over, we can still enjoy the Easter Lily in the form of a painting. I think this painting turned out pretty nice. Following that new technique I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. Remember the orange zinnia? If not, see it here.

Painting an Easter Lily under painting on a wood panel.

It’s kind of amazing how these painting start out and then end up. This technique builds layers upon layers and there is a very messy middle. In fact, I was kinda lost in the messy middle of this painting. It was a hot mess. Thankfully, it pulled out of it and turned out beautiful.

I have to trust the process. That’s not always easy, I’ve got certain ways I do things. So learning this type of painting has been challenging for me. I do hope to incorporate some of these techniques to my style of painting.

Sometimes, I think it’s a bit messy looking. But I love the vivid strokes of solid color and that’s probably the biggest difference between my old style and this new one. (I’m not changing my style! It’s just taking a hiatus while I play) I also like to blend and that’s pretty much opposite of this style.

Either way, this turned out great. The original has already sold but I do have prints available here.

Easter lily contemporary painting.

As far as Easter went, it was a beautiful day. Things sure change when you don’t have little ones any longer. My now 17 year old son went dirt bike riding with his dad and I stayed home and worked in Studio Gardens. It was a good day. But I do miss the Easter egg hunts for sure. Guess I’ll have to hold out for grand-kids.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter with friends and family if you celebrate. And if you don’t, well then I hope it was still a good day!

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Painting an Easter lily blog pin.

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