This past Monday I hosted a plein air painting party for three of my artist friends where we all were painting my garden. These girls, or I should say ladies, (my grandma who lived to almost 96 always called herself and her group of friends the girls or gals, so I guess I can too). Anyway, these ladies mean so much to me.

Painting with friends

I may have talked about this group before, we met at a local gallery (Stac Gallery) that offered Lunch and Learn’s for area artists and we became fast friends. Unfortunately, the gallery we met each other at closed last year but thankfully we’re better friends than ever. In fact one of them, Lori Rivera, shared the exhibit I had last December at Cook Mansion.

We also got together just a couple of weeks ago and had plans of painting. Instead though, we just ate lunch on my deck and talked and laughed and had a great time catching up and enjoying each others company. We hadn’t seen each other in person since before the damn virus.

Sandy setting up her easel in my garden
Sandy setting up her easel in my garden

We had a great day for plein air painting even though it was a little hot. Plein air just means painting outdoors. We had tacos for lunch and then set up in Studio Gardens. Each of us picked a spot. Of course you know I have no shortage of things to paint. There’s the koi pond, the lake and lots and lots of flowers.

Painting outside in my garden
Lori Rivera and Vicki Wilson painting on the koi deck.

I got a late start setting up making sure they had everything they needed. That’s what a hostess does 🙂 Alright, I’m using that as an excuse. I was a little intimidated painting outdoors, I’ve never done it before. My studio is just inside those windows there so I never felt a need. Plus I thought the paint would dry out too fast but I was pleasantly surprised at how fun it actually was.

Artist painting a garden path
Me painting my garden path.

We got to paint a couple of hours before the weather changed on us and the clouds moved in and it started to sprinkle. They had to get home anyway so it was a good time to stop.

artist painting my garden
Sandy Dodd painting

Even though none of us finished our painting, it was great fun. We definitely plan to do this again. I was telling the girls I have a bunch of gloriosa daises that will be blooming soon and that would make a great painting, they’re going to look spectacular. I do believe after they bloom, I’m going to have to thin them out because they’ve taken over everything.

Sandy's painting
The other side of Sandy’s painting

Sandy Dodd focused on painting a coneflower along with the a few other potted plants. Lori Rivera painted an abstract painting, she’s really into those even though she can paint just about anything. Vicki Wilson painted a geranium. Vicki was trying out new paints, but said next time she’ll bring more canvases or at least a larger one. And I painted my garden path.

Vicki and Lori painting across the koi pond
Vicki and Lori across the koi pond
Jaime Haney and Sandy Dodd painting outside
Painting and sweating

We’re already planning on painting again together at Sandy’s exhibit in July. It’ll be at The Pizza Factory in Evansville, Indiana so I need to practice a bit more. I don’t’ know how comfortable I’ll be painting in front of other people but I guess I’m going to find out. Yikes.

“4 Artist Friends”

So I’m always curious what you think. Have you ever seen artists painting en plein air? If so, did you go up to them and watch and/or ask questions? I’d like to be prepared so your comments will help me. Thanks in advance!

Here’s links to my friend’s websites:

Sandy Dodd – Sandy is on SmugMug currently at

Vicki Wilson – Vicki has a website and is working on a blog

Lori Rivera – Lori has a website where she sells her paintings and a blog

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