I’m working on a pastel painting at the moment, it’s still of course a work in progress. “Roses for the Dead”. You may remember seeing the drawing from some post from who knows when. I fall in love with pastels every time I use them. I don’t know why I stop and go to other things. Paints for some reason just beckon me with their come hither texture and fabulous colors not to mention I find such delight in just admiring my palette. There’s just something so romantic about holding a brush in your hand. Okay, I’m a little crazy.

But what  a fickle medium it is, I have these marvelous paintings in my mind and for some reason the end result gets hacked by either the paints, the brushes or technique. It can’t possibly be me, right? haha Do you ever feel like you have no control over what you’re doing?

Well I got the girls squished this week, Tuesday to be precise and then just yesterday I got the dreaded letter in the mail saying I have to go back in for “an ultra sound and further evaluation”. Great. Just what I need, a week of worry and fret. I can’t get back in until next Thursday. Pass the wine bottle please. I think I’ll just stay drunk until then.

The chirpy girl on the other end of the phone was all “now this is all routine, it doesn’t mean anything” Well if it doesn’t mean anything then why the hell do I have to go back?!! I knew that technician was too good to be true. She didn’t hurt me at all. She should’ve flattened those puppies out. At least now the pain would be gone and maybe now I would not be worried.

Ah so maybe I’m got a self portrait here…  just kidding. Other than that, I have tinnitus now in my left ear from probably coughing my head off and I just got back from having my eyes dilated. So I can’t see a damn thing. If there’s typo’s I’m sorry but it’s the doctors fault. I was sure I had macular degeneration. So far their just floaters, probably from coughing hard for so long. But I’m supposed to be looking for a black curtain, a sign of a  torn retina. Wonderful.

Let’s see, is there anything else I can complain about? Not at this moment. Check back later though 😉

Happy Paint Party Friday! (I’m back!)

P.S. I’ve a quick question for everyone. Are the words too small and hard to read for you? It seems small to me, but I’d like your opinions.

UPDATE: I have an update on my mammogram that I had to have “further evaluation” on. I got great news yesterday (Thurs. 2/9/12). I had my mammogram redone yesterday and everything is fine. No cancer! I am so relieved. The doctor was pointing at these little lines that crossed over in my x-rays that he was showing me but it all looked the same to me. Good thing that’s not my job! Anyway, thanks for all the nice things you all said and well wishes and prayers. I love our support group here in blogland.

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