White porcelain door knob with rusty keyhole

Aren’t these cool door knobs and keyholes?rusty keyhole on peeling white painted door

They belong to these…

van full of found old doors

I don’t always feel cool to be driving a van, but when I pass free stuff on the side of the road like this, I’m pretty glad I’ve got one. I was just driving along the road on Sunday and saw these doors, book shelf and a shepard’s hook on the side of the road so of course my hoarding Sanford and Son self had to stop and cram it in the back.
other sides of doors found on the side of the road

I mean look at that patina! Who could pass that up?! I’m really glad my husband wasn’t with me or he would’ve never stopped. Check out the cat. I imagine he’s thinking “what the hell?”new doors I found on the side of the road I schlepped them down here to my greenhouse and studio entrance and he’ll never be the wiser… hahaha.  I can be a pack mule when I gotta be. I’m thinking I’m going to paint something really cool on the smaller one and use the white one under here just cause I love it. A garden door… everyone needs one of those! Speaking of gardens and flowers…flowers just outside greenhouse This is the first year I’ll be doing up my area under the deck. Now that I’ve got my art studio under here (see the windows) I’ve got a nice little sitting area with flowers in pots and pulled out all my greenhouse flowers and plants to this area. It’s a wreck right now, but I’ve got big plans.
flowers waiting for pots and planting I’ve got a swing and table with chairs and I plan to hang the twinkle lights and I’ve got my koi pond under there. It will be a great spot to walk out to take a break from painting and recharge my batteries in nature.

my koi pond has a large waterlily this yearOne waterlily got really big this year. I love it, but I wish the algae was easier to control.
My angel statue holding a bird

I bought this sweet angel statue holding the little bird last year at the end of the season. I just love it, its wings has mirrored mosaics and reflects little flecks of light here and there.
Thunder and Zoey spending time with me

I had company this morning while I lugged everything down there. I didn’t get to plant too much before we had a thunderstorm move in and run me inside. Hopefully, I’ll have it all looking pretty soon and I’ll show you more.

Here’s the storm coming in… enjoy 🙂


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