Last Sunday, I hung 15 pieces of art at Penny Lane Coffee House with the help of two my artist friends. Vicki Wilson and Lori Rivera have become two of my closest friends and confidants. I was sharing the space with another artist friend Sandy Dodd. Her paintings are on the opposite wall of mine. These ladies are what we call our 4 Artist friends group. You may remember me posting about them previously.

artist Jaime Haney hanging her artwork on the wall at Penny Lane Coffee House

I’m not sure what I would’ve done without these friends of mine. The walls were very high and I’m pretty short. Well, we’re all short. But having them there handing me the paintings while I was on the ladder and standing back helping direct which way the painting needed to go was invaluable.

I’ll get to return the favor next month when it’s both of their turns to exhibit at Penny Lane Coffee House.

Jaime Haney's paintings hanging on the wall at Penny Lane Coffee House in Evansville Indiana

Well there they all are. That wall has got about 100 nails in it and even more nail holes! It was a little scary being up on the top of the ladder and the place was buzzing so if I had fallen, I would’ve had a large audience. Thankfully, I didn’t fall. I’m so grateful that I had my friends there to hold the ladder still for me and for their help and support. What is life without good friends?

Penny Lane Coffee House has been around Evansville, Indiana for years. They’re one of those rare and wonderful small businesses that strive to support local artists by lending their walls. I like to say this is always a win win situation for businesses. They lend the space and in return, they get wonderful eclectic original artwork by local artists to grace their walls. Maybe the artist will make a little cash if a piece gets sold, but the art is getting shared and seen and I think that’s very important.

Penny Lane Coffee House

It’s not some hoity-toity place like a stuffy gallery. It’s more like a neighborhood hangout. People come in to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and catch up with friends. They’ve got so many different drinks, lots of organic and vegan stuff, too. We go in to eat their sandwiches or in my case a blueberry muffin that was out of this world. Vicki and Lori both love their Chi tea. Penny Lane Coffee House attracts a wide range of people from students, people in dreads, moms, artists, musicians, business people and ages from newborn to well… one foot in the grave.  It’s a really cool mix.

While I’m no coffee connoisseur, Penny Lane is known for their baristas as well as the local art on their walls. There’s even live music supporting the local musicians. It’s truly an eclectic place with a cool, comfortable vibe.

I’m so appreciative to small businesses helping out other small businesses like mine. We all have to lift each other up and support one another.

Sometimes I think this world is only going to consist of Walmart and Amazon. I hope not. We need all these little mom and pop shops, women and minority owned businesses, quirky and fun places to eat and shop to make our lives richer. Not only that, I think it encourages a sense of community, something that is talked about constantly online, but sadly seems to be sorely lacking in reality.

Penny Lane Coffee House in Evansville Indiana

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spring floral paintings by Jaime Haney

A few paintings from Delights of Spring

Learn more about me on the ‘About’ page under the additional links menu. I’m an artist – a painter mostly and an avid gardener. I paint a variety of subjects including birds, koi fish, my gardens, ponds and flowers as well as anything having to do with nature especially trees and tropical scenes. I also enjoy painting abstracts and have started created more and more of them. My most favorite thing to try to achieve in my painting is is mystery and telling mystical stories.

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Penny Lane Coffee House blog pin

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