Well I don’t have a lot to say today, so I thought I’d share some pictures of my yard. My flowers are really nice right now (most of them). My zinnias are gorgeous and who doesn’t like zinnias? As soon as that Goldenrod in back blooms… Ah!

We’ve lived here now for five years and it is getting closer to what I want it to look like. I still have a lot of work to do, but it is shaping up nicely. Everything takes money. I must say my ferns are doing fabulous this year hanging on my porch. Some years they are straggley by now, but I started to dunk them in water this year instead of watering through a hose and that has made a world of difference. We have a ton of humidity here in the summers so they like that as well. In fact, I’m sporting my Brillo pad hairdo again today 🙂

I am going for a look that I made up in my head. In my mind, it’s a bit of a Bavarian Black Forest cottagey look, almost fairy tale like. But really I have no clue what their cottages look like there or if they even have cottages. Isn’t that in Germany? Or is there a Bavaria? Maybe Romania? They all sound really romantic though… I could use a lesson. My geography is not that great and I’m too busy right now to google it. Wish I had paid more attention in school. Anyway, each year I get a little bit more to add to my made up look. This year it was the planters that put on the cedar siding next to the windows. That really made me feel like my Bavarian Black Forest Fairy Tale was coming to life. I wish they were a little bit bigger, but hey. We also added some more flag stones in front. It is fun to see where this is going.
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