my mug in an impromptu self portraitWow the weekend was a whirlwind! I had a two day show in New Harmony, Indiana called Arts in Harmony. It rained, rained, rained. And then it rained some more. Besides being pretty damp and down right cold, I had a great time and made some sales and I expect a commission or two to come from it. I met a lot of new artists, some that are local to me, and that is always a huge perk of being in art shows. Plus, the people that made it out to the show were all super nice. Did I mention it rained?

Arts standing proudly by her artwork inside of booth walls side of booth So the above photos are the results of my booth wall making labor. Not too bad. I like that it gives the illusion of art being on your walls so it is easy for clients to envision it on table at the show

Above here is my table that held prints. I had forgotten my tablecloth but luckily my booth neighbor and friend had an extra cloth I was able to borrow.

This being an inside show, I didn’t have any problem with my walls. But just this week I applied for another outside show in which these walls will probably not cut it since it will be on grass and the terrain is not level. I’m already looking at a website with a display system that will trump this one. It’s called Graphic Display Systems. I like that I can buy just a few pieces at a time and build on as I have the need. I heard about this place by a new and talented artist friend, T.J. Byrd. She has lovely photography and creates amazing montages.

So I always learn a lot at shows and this one was no exception. I’ll study my notes and keep plugging away. And with that I remember an appropriate quote by Winston Churchill:

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal:
it is the courage to continue that counts.”

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