We’ve been preparing for the Christmas Exhibit & Tour and it’s coming to a crescendo! When I say we I mean Lucas, Lori and myself. We’ve met a couple of times to figure out how we’re going to display our paintings at this beautiful old mansion that’s currently being restored.

Lucas Neuffer

Lucas Neuffer is the owner of the Henry E. Cook Mansion. I told you a bit about him and the story of the mansion in this post. He’s got a love for this old home that runs deep. And I can see why, it’s simply beautiful. I’ve always had a thing for old homes as well.

Artists Lori Rivera (l) and Jaime Haney (r)

The last time I was there I took a few early photos of the mansion being decorated, so this is a sneak peek. But you really should come and see it in person if you’re able to, it’s going to be magnificent and the Christmas Exhibit is going to be beautiful.

The parlor

The above photo is a work in progress, really it all still was when I took the photos. You can see the Christmas decoration boxes.

Christmas 2018 tour

The above photo is one Lucas took from last year’s tour. I can’t wait to see it decked out with Lori and I’s paintings! We are both going to have prints available along with our original paintings that are all for sale by the way. Also, I will have a limited amount of Christmas ornaments for sale. This will be a unique shopping experience like none other!

This year’s entry parlor Christmas tree.

I like the blue and gold theme Lucas has got going here for the entry parlor Christmas tree. Everywhere I looked there were festive holiday decorations. He had many more to install.

2018 Entry Parlor decorations

Another photo from 2018 Christmas tour is above and below. He’s decorating it differently this year though, so if you came to last years tour this year will be worth seeing as well. A lot of work/restoration has been done this year, plus Lori and I will have our artwork all displayed and for sale. What a beautiful shopping experience, don’t you think?

That painting above the fireplace is actually a mural. One of many in the home.

Isn’t it fun to see last year’s decorations? I think so. Of course I’ll take the finished decorated rooms photographs and I’ll share them here on the blog. Also, I plan to have some Facebook Live sessions while we’re there at the Christmas exhibit starting December 1st. So if you’re not able to attend or live far away check out my Facebook Art Page here to see the videos. I’ll try and remember to post on Facebook a time of when I’ll go live so you can catch it. We’re expecting quite a crowd.

Lucas in front of the beautiful built-ins of the library.

The library is one of the rooms that’s nearly completely restored. In fact, I don’t believe he had to do too much to this room. Thankfully the built-ins are in tact and all this gorgeous woodwork remained unpainted.

The Solarium or Garden Room.

This room faces south and west and has incredible light when the sun is shining. It’s the solarium. There’s even a marble fountain on the wall, or what’s left of it. The amount of detail and fine touches in this mansion are just incredible.

I would have loved to see this in its heyday with all the plants. You know I’m a sucker for plants and I’d love to have this even now. My greenhouse is not as user friendly as a solarium is.

The solarium is adjacent to the dining room and I think a lot of our art will be in here. There are ledges for us to lean our art. The house of course has plaster walls, so we don’t dare try and put in a nail. There is picture hanging molding but the ceilings are so dang high! I think it’ll be easier to lean the paintings and we also have some easels for some.

That’s it for the Christmas exhibit sneak peek. There is so much more to see, this is just a snippet. I do hope you come to see this magnificent old mansion, enjoy the art and shop. I’ve got several new paintings I’m finishing up now. There are full details of the event on my Events Page. Please share with anyone you know might love this unique experience.

In fact, if you’re on my subscriber’s list you’re invited to the Private Tour and Opening Reception December 6th with free admittance, light refreshments and conversation with the artists and homeowner. I’ll be sending out the invitations this week. It’s going to be extra special. I like to treat my collectors and friends. Won’t you consider signing up? You can do it here.

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