Fall has arrived, at least at night and I’ve prepared the greenhouse for winter. Temperatures around here have been very mild except for a cold snap on Halloween. However, it’s cold enough at night that I had better have anything I want to keep inside the greenhouse. I used to have to bring things in around the second week of September, but not anymore.

In fact, I just read that they’ve changed the USDA Planting Hardiness Zone Map. I went from a 6b to a 7a. Did yours change? See the map here.


The sunnier area of the greenhouse full of plants in for the winter.

It’s looking nice and green and lush right now. But as winter goes along and the sun gets lower and lower in the sky the plants look like they suffer.

Above, you can see my bougainvillea that I’ve had for years. It’s not flowering right now, but it will. Oh I guess it has a few flowers if you look close. It does really well in the greenhouse. So do the hibiscus and lantana.

In the greenhouse looking towards the shadier area.

Below is the door to my art studio. I’ve had the door open to the greenhouse each time I’m in the studio. I have a screen door to keep the cats out of there. They love to get in there and eat my plants them hack it up.

Vincas always do really well overwintering in my greenhouse, too. Oh and the corn plants. They are getting huge as well as my bird of paradise and banana plant.

The door to my art studio from inside the greenhouse.

Meanwhile outside in Studio Gardens, Sandefur the Gentle Giant ponders life while gazing into the koi pond. He’s such a sweet cat. I’m thinking of putting in a kitty door in my greenhouse walls so he can go in and out anytime he wants.

He just didn’t work out in the house with the other cats. In the past, I’ve had to scoop him up and put him in the greenhouse when it gets cold. He manages to escape though going out my exhaust vent. He’s tore it all to hell.

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Sandefur, the orange tabby cat, looking into my koi pond pondering life.

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paintings by New Harmony, Indiana artist Jaime Haney

some of my paintings

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