September 10th was the date for the Artist Reception at Hoosier Salon Gallery for the “Falling for Fall” art exhibit. I had spent hours and hours prepping for this. Not only painting new paintings but also I’ve tried to up my game when it comes to presentation.

In the past, I would just paint on a canvas (usually) and then wire the finished canvas to hang on a wall for display. Long before I learned how to wire a canvas, I simply attached saw tooth hooks on the backs of paintings, you know the self leveling kind. Let me tell you, in the art world, that is a major faux pas. Consequently, I quickly figured out they had to be wired… with D rings no less. I also use eye hooks for smaller paintings but I think galleries at least are not impressed unless you have D rings. Hoity toity.


Hands wrapping wire on back of frame.

Above, you can see me finishing off a wire now. I’m twisting it around the D ring securely. You might notice the brown craft paper hiding the back of the canvas. That’s another way of trying to up my game and look more professional. It does look clean and finished however it is the back and will never be seen, so I consider it an extra step just to appease the art gods. When I look at all the beautiful original art I’ve bought from artists, this is not on a single piece I don’t think.

backs of framed, papered and wired paintings ready for gallery delivery

In addition to the D rings and brown craft paper I’ve recently added frames to certain pieces. Don’t they look nice? These are called canvas floater frames. Okay, I have to admit, I’ve needed to do this for a long time. Talk about really elevating the art. A nice simple frame has made all the difference on a lot of my paintings.

Paintings stacked in van ready for gallery delivery for art exhibit

Into the van they all went. I took 13 paintings all together for this exhibit.

Paintings packed in van ready for gallery delivery for art exhibit

I wish I had taken photos of the paintings in their frames from the front, but I forgot. That would be because you guessed it, I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Time constraints and time reality is something I struggle with daily.

Other stuff going on…

Even though I got all of my paintings done, finished and delivered to the gallery on time, I haven’t mentioned I’ve actually been sick doing this. In fact, I missed the artist reception, which was heart breaking to me since I had worked so hard and really wanted to be there and meet the two other artists I was exhibiting with along with my friends and collectors I had invited.

In the past, I’ve had gall bladder problems and I thought this was another episode. Familiar symptoms were present including intense back pain. After a busy week of prepping for the exhibit and then changing out other paintings at other places, I had nearly ran out of steam and that night it took me down. Having survived it in the past and having a great friend support system I waited it out. I was easy with myself and let myself rest for an entire day.

Rarely do I take a day off and do nothing, but this was a necessity and frankly I couldn’t have done anything if I wanted to. I knew the artist reception was in only 4 days and I needed to be recovered by then. Thursday came and I was no better. I finally relinquished and took myself to Digestive Urgent Care nearly an hour away while my husband was at work and my son at school.

As soon as I pulled in the parking lot, I started to shake. Like uncontrollably shake, freezing cold. Then I walk in to find that the urgent care is located on the second floor! Who puts urgent care on the second floor?! Although I was nearly about to pass out, I managed to pull myself up the stairs. I’m sure there was an elevator but I wasn’t thinking clearly. Of course, they think I have Covid. They tested me and thankfully, it was negative. Looking back now though, I wish it had been.

Band aid stations is all I have to say about that whole experience. While they were extremely nice and caring, I didn’t get to see an actual doctor. The nurse practitioner was very inexperienced. They did send me for X-rays though and called the next day with instructions on what to try. I’ve called them nearly every day so I’m sure they’re tired of hearing from me. I’m in between primary care doctors right now so it’s more difficult for me to get care.

So as of today, it’s been 15 days of whatever is happening to me. I’m not much better off either. I return for another X-ray this coming Tuesday because I’ve swallowed a Sitz Study pill which is a magic pill with bands in it that conduct a transit time test. Do you see where this is going? I’m not going into anymore detail than that but there seems to be more than an issue. I sure hope they figure out what’s wrong with me and we can fix it… quick.

Back to the exhibit

My friend and fellow artist Lori Rivera was kind enough to share these paintings of my work hanging at Hoosier Salon Gallery at the opening. I’m not sure where the others are, in there somewhere I suppose. You can see the food served at the bottom of the photo just barely. I sure missed out on that! Linda at Hoosier Salon is notorious for having gracious, delicious spreads.


colorful paintings hanging on a gallery wall

Below is a close up of my painting  “My heart remembers”. It’s 24″x40″.

cherry blossoms painting hanging on gallery wall

So wow, that was a lot. Wish me well, I need it. I’ll keep you updated on my status.

If you happen to be around New Harmony Indiana then please stop into Hoosier Salon Gallery. Tell Linda I sent you. Better yet go for a visit, it’s absolutely beautiful there. The show runs from September 10th – October 30th. Here’s a link to their website where you can see all the individual paintings for sale. I’m humbled and honored that I was even asked to show with these other two tremendous artists.

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spring floral paintings by Jaime Haney

A few paintings from Delights of Spring

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Hands wrapping wire on back of frame.

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