Well if you’re anything like me, procrastination can be your thing. Not that procrastination is a good thing, but hey it happens… right?

So, if you have neglected to get a 2018 calendar you just might be in luck. On Friday, February 2nd, that’s right Groundhog’s Day I’ll announce three winners. Two winners will be pulled from my email list and one winner will be pulled from my Facebook group “Collectors and Enthusiasts of Jaime Haney art group”. ) Just join my group – that’s easy right?!

If you would like to enter by joining my email list, I’ll automatically add you in the running after you sign up. You’ll have already missed the email I sent out to my list about the giveaway, so just know you’ll be in the running by signing up before this coming Friday oh and you’ll have my undying love.

What I’m giving away:

My art filled Mini Calendar (retail price is $26 + shipping) I even pay for the shipping.

Mini Art Calendar sample size

Mini Art Calendar

Click on the photo above to go to the page where you can see all the paintings for each month and more information about the calendar itself.

The size opened is 8.5″ x 13″. Not too big and not too small. The painting pages are printed on nice heavy, glossy card stock and will hold up throughout the year with no problem. The gloss really makes the paintings pop and the page where the dates are have been printed on mat paper so you can easily write in important reminders for yourself, like when my next art show is!

You’ve already got a calendar you say?

Well you don’t have one like this! Through me is the only way to get my art calendars. Here are some ideas on what to do with my art calendar if you do happen to have one you are already fond of:

  • Take it work and enjoy it there
  • Share it with someone special – Re-gift it! I won’t mind
  • Cut it apart and use the pages as prints – they look fabulous framed up

So your procrastination may actually benefit you this time by helping you win my calendar. Who doesn’t like to win something?

I do enjoy rewarding my supporters. Oh hey, don’t forget I sell my paintings as well as other goodies here on my site! When was the last time you looked in my shop? If you’re on a desktop computer, it’s as easy as moving your mouse up to the menu above and hovering over Shop my Art for a drop down menu, then click on a product page. If you’re on mobile, go up to the top right hand corner and press the “hamburger” – (that’s what they call the three lines) and it drops down a list of pages I’ve got such as:

  • Available Original Paintings
  • Block Prints
  • Giclee Fine Art Prints
  • Matted Prints
  • plus more

Good luck and as always, I appreciate your continued support in my art!  ~ Jaime

art calendars

Art Calendar Giveaway

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