Original Miniatures

This section contains hand painted original miniatures by artist Jaime Haney. Original Miniatures consist of “Tiny canvases”, “Mini’s” and “Art Blocks”.

These unique small pieces of art are perfect for a shelf, small table, desk, window sill, niche, cubicle or any small area that could use some art to jazz up the space or fill it with a bit of joy and whimsy. Original miniatures are perfect to gang up for display on a wall or flat surface or to display by themselves. Various sizes and prices accompany each painting.

I think I was inspired by my dad when I began painting these small original miniatures. Every year he would make my mom a tiny little card for their anniversary, no bigger than a cracker jack toy. She had a box full of her treasured tiny cards. They were married for almost 40 years before my mom passed.

Miniatures runs in the family I guess, my grandmother who lived to be 96 collected miniatures. She had two large shelving units full of mini’s, each depicting a different room. I remember many hours of playing and rearranging her collection when I was a child.

An asterisk beside the title indicates the original has sold. Prints are usually available.


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