Birds - Original Paintings

Original Bird Paintings

Original bird paintings by New Harmony Indiana artist Jaime Haney. Birds have always seemed to pop up in my paintings. Feeding the wild birds around my house and especially just outside of my art studio windows gives me such joy. They fill my creative brain with endless inspiration.

Their fluttering antics as they position for the best spot on the feeder makes my mind conjure up personalities for the birds, human-like personas. Some are painted whimsically and some have quizzical expressions, even solemn. Some birds squawk out, some wear hats and scarves like their human counterparts but all were created to bring a smile to you as they did me as I painted them from my imagination.

Birds always seem to be a hit to my art collectors. I have sold many bird paintings over the years but happily, I offer fine art prints of the sold ones. There are many to choose from and in sizes and budgets for everyone. You can find them here.

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