Blue No. 1 – blue graffiti style ornament


Blue No. 1 is a funky, original, blue graffiti style ornament I hand painted with professional artist grade paints and inks.

This style was brought out by the rebellious nature in all of us.

Got a rebellious friend you need a gift for? Or maybe it’s you.

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Blue No. 3 is a funky, hand painted, original blue graffiti style ornament I created with professional artist grade paints and inks. I love the drips and that’s what reminds me of graffiti.

I know what you’re thinking, have I ever painted graffiti??? Psshhhh… of course I have!

Train graffiti is a favorite of mine. I even have a Pinterest board here on graffiti and street art.

The first thing I do to create these hand painted ornaments is to paint the actual glass bulb the desired color. For this ornament collection, I picked pink, blue and green. For this particular ornament, I chose blue with lots of drippy colorful lines because it just seemed so punk rock to me for some reason. I love the defiant look but with still a nod to tradition in the fact that you do hang it during the holidays. Or maybe you keep it up all the time? Now that’s defiance I like, do what you want.

Actually, after thinking about it, my grandma would always put up an Easter tree. This would be perfect for that as well.

Don’t we all have a little defiant spirit in there somewhere? I have a pretty big rebellious streak. My grandma had a rebellious nature, maybe that’s where I got it. Well, her and my mom both. They were both spit fires. I think I want to be remembered as a spit fire, how about you?

Grab it while you can, each one is unique. Shipped with an attached ribbon for hanging and it’s own special box to keep it safe when you’re not displaying it.

See other graffiti style ornaments below. The green ones went fast for some reason. I don’t have any more of the blue graffiti style ornament types, but if there’s enough demand I would be willing to create more. There’s more traditional ornaments thrown into the mix, as well.

Pink No. 1

Pink No. 2

Pink No. 3

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 5 in


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