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"Fear the Fire No More" is a mini painting, just 4"x4" and is part of my Little Oddities collection. Little Oddities are just that, strange little paintings that may or may not have any definite meaning. Many are metaphors that I think of and wonder about or perhaps come to the realizations of. Sometimes it is just my wild imagination taking over. I have very vivid and strange dreams and I draw some interpretation from them.

It depicts a tree man running away from the flames instead of being consumed by them. There is a celestial moon and sky above him. It has a spiritual meaning to me in that things that I believed to be true in the past, I now question and realize I have the power to remove myself instead of blindly following along with what I was told. I think this happens as we get older. We're not as easily led around like sheep, at least I hope most aren't.

As I look back at my work throughout my life (thus far), there have always been trees and tree men. Trees with faces and a tree man with fingers and arms reaching out. I suppose I will continue to paint trees, as I love to and probably come up with another tree man inevitably.

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©Jaime Haney

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