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The hand written note is still the most treasured message to receive from someone you care about. Send one in style and give them a beautiful small piece of art that is perfectly frame-able after your message has been delivered.

I have picked many different paintings of mine and grouped them in sets for your note writing pleasure. Individual cards also available for $3.25 each card.

A2 size note cards with white envelopes. Artist information with name and small description of painting on back of each card. Set of six for $18 packaged in clear jewel box perfect for gifts.

Choice of sets include the following art titles:

  • Poppies:  Single red; Poppy family; Poppy love
  • Owls: Hoo me?; Snowy night; I'm All Ears
  • Flowers: Single red; Lotus dream; Purple iris
  • Roosters: Good day to be a rooster; Eye'n dinner; Chicken stroll
  • Windswept: Summer memory; Warm release; Autumn bouquet
  • Tropical: Tropical Getaway; Sultry bamboo forest; Luna moth
  • Ravens/Crows: Raven Festival; Beautiful dreamer; Beach crow muse
  • Misc I: Old man sun; Raven festival; Beautiful dreamer; Ghost pirate ship; Can I go with you?; My three suns
  • Trees: Dreaming Amber; Patchwork sky; Tangled
  • Abstracts: Unrequited; Portal of optimistic torment
  • Intuitives: Sinister feline; A girl and her bird in danger; Water for elephant

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Poppies, Owls, Flowers, Roosters, Winswept, Tropical, Ravens/Crows, Misc I, Trees, Abstracts, Intuitives

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