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This listing is for a photographic Fine Art Print. It is 12"x12" print only, no mat or frame. Frames are easy to find, this fits perfectly in an album frame. The original painting is sold.

Patchwork Sky is a painting of a tree that has since died, it was inspired by trees on our property. I added beautiful patches of color to infuse the sky in each expressionistic panel of this mixed media painting. The original contained four separate clay coated 6"x6" panels with a single painting of a tree stretching across all four. I used acrylic paint and acrylic ink and scratched into the panels to add texture.

I get a lot of my inspiration from nature and this tree is a good example. We have a wooded area on our property that I just love to walk through with my son. We are always discovering new trees and plants while we are exploring. Our woods is a mature woods, so there is always a tree here and there dying and falling down. I think that adds to the charm and it also provides homes for all the creatures living there and sharing this beautiful property with us.

It's all part of the circle of life. The tree grew tall and strong and lived a nice long life that provided cover and food for the animals and now, in death, it still continues to give. The tree will serve as a home for more birds, insects and possibly a family of raccoons. As it slowly decays, moss and mushrooms grow in it's rich peat that the tree provides as it slowly decomposes back into the soil it was born in. It's a beautiful thing.

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