Popsicle Abstract Magnet


Small 3″x3″ canvas original painting with a magnet on the back. Popsicle colors that remind me of time gone by. This small canvas is what I call a study.

Perfect for gifts or art collecting on a budget.

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Do you remember as a kid getting a Popsicle? The bright colors frost over quickly and start to melt in the warm air because your mom or grandma made you eat it outside? That is what this small abstract painting reminds me of. Summer, freedom and being a kid. Cherry was always my favorite flavor with grape right behind that is until I discovered banana and fudge only found from the Ice Cream Man. I remember when I discovered the Ice Cream Man and his music box tunes bringing ice cream for everyone. Nothing cleaned out a playground faster than the music box song of the Ice Cream Man.

What a magical yet panic driven feeling it gave. The panic caused by getting to Grandma and get her to give me money in time to catch him before he was gone. She would be inside watching her stories and I’d be playing with friends outside. What a different world we live in today.

I stayed with my grandma during the summer a lot as a kid. She lived in low income apartments. We didn’t have much, but us neighborhood kids could usually could scrape together enough change to get a Popsicle or a Double Cola for 35¢ out of the coke machine at the apartments office. I remember scouring the parking lot for coins people dropped getting in and out of their car so I could get candy at the Great Scott and Osco Drug store. This painting sparks memories I hadn’t thought of in ages.

This little Popsicle abstract painting is what I’d call a study. I’m studying different colors and how they interact with one another. In this case, it’s Popsicle colors. The shapes and strokes I create provide me endless amusement. Sometimes I create brand new color palettes I love, sometimes not so much, that’s why it’s called a study. Each study is an original painting, I don’t think I could recreate them exactly if I tried.

The dimensions for this painting are 3″x3″. The painting is continued on the sides, so it looks nice from all angles. I’ve glued on a strong round magnet on the back and you can hang it in any direction you want. You can also hang these in a grouping on a wall, just hang it by a small nail. It’s very lightweight.

These original studies are a perfect way to add to or start an art collection. Each one has an individual number assigned to it. This one is 19-020. Varnished and signed on the back by me, Jaime Haney.

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