Raven Festival


“Raven Festival” 12″x12″ original acrylic painting, acrylic painted on canvas. SOLD

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“Raven Festival” 12″x12″ original sold, acrylic painted on canvas and varnished for archival properties. This painting is has all the sides painted so it will look great either hung as is or framed.

This is my original acrylic portrait painting of a black raven with brown eyes gawking at the viewer. Splashes of vivid oranges, yellows and teal texture and leaves in the background all in grand festival style. It’s a very energetic painting. I’m a fan of Edgar Allan Poe’s poem The Raven and I like to think he would approve of my raven.

I am so attracted to ravens and crows, I feel they have such personality. It’s like they have old souls. My mother always told me that my great grandmother who was part Cherokee Indian from Tennessee had a pet crow and taught it to talk. His name was Timmy.

This painting is available as a print as well.

Read about the creation of “Raven Festival” and see work in progress photos on my blog. Click here.


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