Shedding Skin


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6″x6″ acrylic painting on 1/2″ deep canvas. Stands on its own or hang on wall.

Earthy colors of violet, burgundy, blue, green and gold. The sides are painted dark.

“Shedding Skin” is an acrylic painting depicting kernels of wheat indicating leaving ones body in the early stages of death.

Shedding Skin depicts a stalk of wheat with kernels of wheat flying away from the stem. This is implying the beginning of losing ones earthly existence – like when we discovered my mother had cancer and it was already stage 4. It was July.

The fish like creatures swimming in the green waters below the wheat represent my grandparents, my mother’s parents, watching and waiting. Being there for her as she begins her journey into the next world. They had already passed. You can see a bit of faded kernels already letting go of the stem and floating away meaning she’s accepted her fate and has already started to release her life.

She had faith that maybe she would be healed around me, however conversations with my dad later revealed her believing she was going to die.

This is part of a series I painted called Clinging to Life. It is a painted series I made expressing my feelings and emotions of the process of death and our journey onto what is after. I wrote a post about all three paintings in the series here.


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Dimensions 8 × 10 × 3 in

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