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“Today is Good” is from my Sunflower Collection of art blocks. It’s a single yellow sunflower with a varied teal background painted on a small block of wood. They are substantial chunks of 3/4″ wood that sit nicely on a windowsill, desk, cubbyhole, or small shelf for a splash of design and color. Also looks great displayed as a grouping on the wall or in a small collector shelf.

They just might be the answer to the gift exchange at work, since they would spruce up a desk or cubicle quite nicely. Easy to mail in a small padded envelope along with a birthday card or personal note as a gift.

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A single yellow sunflower painted on a textured block of wood. Brushy strokes of teal make up the painterly background. I painted a small collection of art blocks recently with cohesiveness in mind. I named it simply the Sunflower Collection. There are four blocks with sunflowers and four that are abstract landscapes of skies and water using the same color scheme so they coordinate great together. I just love how these turned out. The colors are on the green and blue-green side and the abstracts are muted a bit for a beautiful neutral feel.

If you really like these but not into tiny art, I’ve got you covered. I take my original painting on the block and scan it in at a very high resolution so I’m able to provide beautiful prints in larger sizes. However, it’s not an original like these little guys. But I can tell you they do look fantastic matted and framed.

What are Art Blocks?

Original hand painted art blocks are individual tiny pieces of one of a kind art available at a very affordable price. Each wooden block is a small painting by me able to sit on its own without an easel or frame.
Most are 3/4″ thick, some vary but they’re all chunky little blocks. Sometimes, I used reclaimed wood and that brings in a whole new vibe to the block which I love. The larger ones might have a keyhole in the back for easy flush to the wall hanging, but if not, an easily added saw tooth hook will allow any of them to hang. Get creative with your display!

Where do I put them?

Art blocks are perfect for cubes or cubbyholes, desks, walls, shelves, windowsills, or wherever you want. I can see them looking great grouped together to take up a larger portion on the wall. Or how about this, placed inside those wooden collector shelves with all the little different sized cubbies already in them.

They make great little gifts that will cheer up and add a dash of color to any small space like a cubicle, bathroom, kitchen or anywhere you have a small space that needs a little pop of color. They’re fun pieces of art, some traditional and some funky but all original that you’re not going to find at any big box stores.

Looking for larger original paintings? Here’s a quick link to all I have available currently.

I have this very single yellow sunflower available as various sized prints as well listed here.

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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3 × .75 in


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