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Spirit Voices, 16″ x 20″ acrylic painting on canvas. Sides painted in gallery wrap fashion, no frame needed. Comes ready to hang.

“Spirit Voices” is a graphic type of painting with strong tribal designs and shapes. It’s a spiritual painting with Native American influence.

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“Spirit Voices” 20″x16″ on 5/8″ depth canvas. Click magnifying glass icon to view in larger detail.

Spirit Voices is a very spiritual painting to me.

Spirituality comes in many forms and to me there’s not much more spiritual than the belief systems of Native Americans. The reverence they have for all living things has always been inspiring to me and align with my way of thinking.

When I started painting Spirit Voices, I was laying down warm shades of color. Yellow and red were talking to me and I added washes of both, blending and swirling them together. At this point of a painting I start to hear it whisper to me what it wants me to do next.

I added darker red and then switched my attention to a pop of red violet. I added squiggles and I instantly saw voices as symbols. Spirit Voices came to me then, in fact I wrote it on the back of the canvas right away allowing it to claim the title.

I put the painting aside for a few days to let it simmer in my subconsciousness. When I picked it back up, even a stronger and bolder color took control. I knew then it was heading to a Native American look.

To read more about the creation of the this painting, please click here to go to my blog.

This is how a lot of my paintings come to be. I follow my intuition and go where it leads me.

I am fond of this spiritual painting and I know it is patiently waiting for the new owner to hear its beating of drums in their heart to take it home. Do you hear it? Is it you?

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 23 × 19 × 3 in

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