Sultry Bamboo Forest


This energy filled painting is my interpretation of being upclose and in the thick of it, if you will, of being in a bamboo forest with it’s lush green leaves and stalks knocking together. Can you hear them as the breeze sways them to and fro? I mixed in a surprise vibrant red-orange background to suggest the tropical feel that I felt while hiking through them.

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“Sultry Bamboo Forest” is an 11×14 inch original acrylic painting on canvas. 

About the painting Sultry Bamboo Forest: This is my original painting and interpretation of a bamboo forest in Hawaii. 

I was inspired by my 10th wedding anniversary trip to Kauai, Hawaii during a hike to paint this vivid and energy filled painting of bamboo. We stayed in Maui one week and then hopped a puddle jumper plane to Kauai. We rode bicycles down gigantic volcanoes after watching the sun come up from the top of it, flew in a helicopter to see Napali Coast, snorkeled off a catamaran boat with giant sea turtles while sipping Mai Tai’s and hiked in the most lush, beautiful waterfall filled bamboo forests. It was so exciting and beautiful and I am sooo ready to go back! Hawaii is a plant and nature lover, like me, dream come true.

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