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“The Potter” 8½ x 11″ economy print, has a built in white border to simulate a mat, they are $15. It’s important to me that my art is affordable and attainable to everyone. Buying a print is a great way to get started in art collecting. Art is so personal, and it’s also a great way to show off your individuality in your home or office. Why buy a mass produced image from the big box stores when you can have a unique piece of art that everyone will be asking “Where did you get that?”

This print is ready for your 8½ x 11″ or 8×10 (with a little trimming) frame. This image is also available as a matted photographic print. (which is a better quality and longer lasting print for a bit more money)

Scroll down for further details about this economy print below. Click on photo to enlarge and see additional images.

Please allow 3-4 extra business days for backordered prints. Ships to the US.

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“The Potter” 8½ x 11″ print, does not include matte or frame but there is a white border around the painting so that a mat is not needed. These are what I call the economy prints and they have a built in white border to simulate a mat, they are $15 and will stay bright if kept out of the sunlight or under direct lights for several years. It’s important to me that art is affordable and attainable by everyone. Buying a print is a great way to get started in art collecting.

About the painting The Potter (Print): A local artist friend, Tom Wintczak, is a wonderful potter specializing in early American redware clay and folk art as well as functional stoneware. My favorite pieces he creates though are his folk art or “Folkware” as he calls it. He and I met each other at various art shows in our local area. We became friends, as I’m sure Tom has no enemies. I have also been to his beautifully rustic log studio he built that is in the country surrounded by tall mature trees, well attended and bountiful gardens and situated just perfectly to view the home of he and his wife, Ruth (an avid and talented gardener) and all their sweet pets. Two of the nicest people, you’ll ever meet.

I was browsing around his studio this past summer while visiting Tom and Ruth and picked out a ‘face bottle’ to purchase from his showroom in the studio that I had been admiring from afar during our art shows together. He suggested we make a trade, so we did. He simply asked for one of my crows with character paintings. I had a little more in mind for that character then he realized.

Tom attends many early American shows with his redware and often takes on a persona named Thomas. He wears all the normal clothing one would find during that era. I knew that I wanted to create a raven or crow in the image of his early American Thomas. I stalked tracked him down at a local show and took some photos as reference for the painting.

I sketched different ideas for a composition, changing my mind more than a few times but still not coming up with a definite plan. One day in my studio, I was laying down colors to be used as backgrounds for future paintings. I found myself gravitating towards earth colors and loose brushstrokes for one of the canvases. After painting this particular ‘naturalized feel’ background, I just knew I had created the background that would become “The Potter” for Tom. It just seemed to fit him in my eyes… a tree in the background, warm rust and ochre hues with wild natural greens of native plants expressively painted off to one side.

That unintentional playing with color served as a catalyst for the upcoming details of ‘The Potter’. Later, as I sketched on the details to paint I realized the tree stood for his studio name. What serendipity! Tom’s studio is called Bee Tree Pottery. I love it when things just fall into place like that. The rest of the painting came easily to me and painting on the old fashioned spectacles was the last feature painted and the final piece of information the painting needed. I’m pleased to say Tom was thrilled with ‘The Potter’.

Read more about the creation of this painting and see pictures of my painting process on my blog.

About the printing paper grades: 

Economy Prints:  Economy prints are on mat 100 pound, bright white cotton paper. Care of prints require keeping them out of direct sunlight and artificial light. You will get the longest life from Economy prints if you frame them behind glass. They are meant to be vibrant and last a few years, and are a good way to decorate affordably or for gift giving. Currently, Economy prints are offered as 8½ x 11″ or smaller.

Upper Quality Prints:  The next step up, photographic prints are matted for a 8×10 frame. Chromogenic color prints are full-color photographic prints made using chromogenic materials and processes, just like your photos you have processed. The print you will receive is matted and ready for you to take off the protective plastic sleeve and frame.They are $26 for the 8×10 and available also as a matted 11×14 (framed size) $44. Photographic prints are printed on acid free photographic paper and should last 75+ years if kept protected from direct light. Choice of white or black mat.

Kodak Supra Endura photographic paper has an extraordinary color gamut and state-of-the art image stability. I prefer two of the four papers available, one is the matte the other being the metallic.

Fine Art Fully Archival Prints:  The best prints are the Giclee’s. They have the best archival quality and are found in museums and fine art gallery’s around the world. Pricing is based on size and usually the color of a Giclee is the closest to the original art.

I do commission paintings if you are wanting an original of your own. Please let me know if I can paint you a version or if there is a special subject you would like to have painted. See more about commissions on my about page.

©Jaime Haney. All work protected under copyright law. Artist retains all copyrights. The purchase of art does not entitle the buyer to any licensing or reproduction rights.

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