Throwing Magic


Throwing Magic is a mysterious and magical 12″x24″ painting. It has brightly colored light emitting spheres being tossed into the air. A very mysterious painting. More information below.

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Throwing Magic came to me as I painted strokes over the top of other strokes on this canvas. It was already becoming a magical looking painting and the mysteriousness of it made me think of a magician or a carnival act. I had painted something entirely different underneath and I was painting it out, I hadn’t liked it. But when this started to emerge, I knew the magical side of things were taking place.

I sometimes like to watch magicians, but I think I admire their pageantry more than the actual tricks. This painting, as odd as it is, whispers to me. It wants me to revisit it and paint more. Someday I might add more paintings like this and produce a small series of magical and mysterious strange paintings. Conjuring up puffs of smoke, mirrors candles and magic. But for now, it stands alone. Maybe its whispers should be louder.

This mysterious painting is 12″ wide by 24″ on canvas that is the standard ¾” depth. The sides are painted a dark Prussian blue, one of my favorite blues. It’s got a wire hanger and is ready to hang. It could be framed, but since it’s painted on all sides it doesn’t require it.

I did write a short piece about Throwing Magic on my blog. If you’d like to read it just click here.

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Weight 22 oz
Dimensions 28 × 3 × 16 in


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