Winged Heart ornament


Winged Heart ornament is a sweet hand painted, original ornament I created with professional artist grade paints and inks.

The winged heart carries with it many meanings like having a free spirit, freedom, self love, spirituality and more.

Looking for more unique original artist made gifts for under $50? I’ve got a whole section of them right here.

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Winged Heart ornament is a sweet hand painted, original ornament I created with professional artist grade paints and inks.

Usually, the first thing I do to create these hand painted ornaments is to paint the actual glass bulb my desired color because I find it hard to get the colors I want. For this ornament, I thought blue would be perfect for the background. The winged heart carries with it many messages. For instance with a tattoo, it might mean freedom or a free spirit. It also means self love and it also carries a more spiritual connotation. Whatever the meaning is for you I hope it brings happiness. I love traditional holiday themes but sometimes I just put my own spin on what that looks like.

I’ve painted lots of ornaments over the years and while they are not much of big income stream for me, I do love to offer original little paintings that are affordable to give to your friends and loved ones or to just collect yourself. These small little paintings actually take longer than you would think they would, but it’s a labor of love for my collectors.

Grab it while you can, each one is unique just like this winged heart ornament is. They’re shipped with an attached ribbon for hanging and it’s own special box to keep it safe when you’re not displaying it. I’ve stuffed it with tissue paper to keep it from moving in the box. All of my special ornaments I treasure are kept this way. I have a decent size collection that were my grandma’s. They’re among my favorites.

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I also have some contemporary graffiti style ornaments thrown into the mix, as well. They’re a lot of fun. Perfect for the rebellious ones in the bunch, they’re linked below.

Pink No. 1

Pink No. 2

Pink No. 3

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 5 in


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