My work table currently has a garden painting on it waiting for me to finish it. It’s close to being finished but you know what they say about close. I tell my son this all the time. Close doesn’t count except for in hand grenades and horseshoes. He hates it when I say that.

So, I thought I’d show you my process photos that I took. It’s rare now that I even remember to take photos. Social media has got us scrambling to create video now for everything. Sigh. A necessary evil. I guess I shouldn’t complain, it’s how I sell most of my art… social media that is.

Garden Painting

I’ll start with my work table. When I paint small paintings like this 10″x8″, I usually work on my table instead of my painting wall. Plus, this is a canvas board, so there’s nothing to hang it with just yet.

First, I roughly sketched out my design on the board. I’m going to paint some bedding plants that I bought from Hastings Plants as they sat waiting for me to plant them.

my work table with a new painting sketched out

Then, I blocked in the purple walls. Yes, I actually have purple walls in Studio Gardens! I love purple and it makes a fun backdrop for my flowers.

blocking in the purple wall on the painting

Next, I added in window reflections and dirt as the background for the flowers. I’m a messy gardener.

painting in the dirt and background for the flowers

Trying to paint quickly, I painted the green leaves. Painting quickly is not something I’m good at. I am working on that, though. Unfortunately, I putz around too much and then my paintings end up looking too tight. At least to me. There’s always room for improvement and I’ve got miles and miles of room to improve.

adding green for the leaves

Now the fun part, the colorful flowers.

purple wall garden painting

And that’s where the garden painting has been left. Like I said, it’s waiting for me to finish it. Really, all I need to do is add a few more leaves and details then hit it with some more highlights. This week we’re supposed to have another heat wave, so it has a good chance of being finished during that.


Last week we came home from a vacation in West Virginia and I’ll share more about that later.

I have painted another painting since this one called Big Sky. It’s actually for my first public group painting class I’ll be teaching that is happening in Grayville, Illinois on June 28th at Groff Library. I’m pretty excited about it and will post more this week about it. I need to find out if there’s any spots left open, last I checked I had 7 or 8 signed up already!

This garden painting is probably going to be framed up when finished and will be part of a gallery group show I have in September. Once again, I’ll share more on that soon.

Have a great week. I’ll be back soon! – Jaime

← Oh! The irises! Big Sky painting class ⟶

spring floral paintings by Jaime Haney

A few paintings from Delights of Spring

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purple wall garden painting

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