So one of my Creative Sistah’s, Andrea of Falling Ladies, has a giveaway on her blog and one of the critera is that you have to copy and paste interview questions. Since I know you’re just chomping at the bit and on the edge of your seats… here is mine

1. What should you be doing right now instead of sitting on the computer?

Watching a couple shows off my dvr since it’s down to 1% before I go to bed. It keeps erasing good stuff! I know, I live a sad existence.

2. What’s the messiest area of your house? and dare you to show us…

Anyone who knows me well enough to have been in my home knows that I am a slob creative genius therefore I have controlled chaos and mayhem throughout. But to answer the question… My kitchen bar. The hubs calls it the magic bar. One day it’s cleared off and you go to the bathroom and come back and all kinds of stuff has magically appeared. Also, I try to save every plant I own by taking cuttings and then I end up with their sad little carcasses standing in jars of water. Oh and my desk is right up there, probably before the magic bar but they are both in the kitchen, so it counts as one, right?

The magic bar

3. 5 simple things that make you happy right now, above and beyond the obvious like your family and your health…

                  1.) new art materials
                 2.) watching scary movies/shows
                  3.) chocolate covered raisins
                  4.) black fingernails
                  5.) lots of gypsyish jewelry I’ve been wearing lately

some of my frequently worn junk.

4. When did you last cry?

Ugh… like an hour ago. the tiniest thing can conjure up memories of my mom and the waterworks start flowing

5. Favorite book…

I mostly read art books and mags, but I guess a favorite book would be one that you’ve read more than once. That would be a book called Beauty. A very cool version of Beauty and the Beast, my favorite fairy tale. A close second is Lasher by Anne Rice. Really all of her Mayfair Witches books.

6. How many pets…

Currently, we have 2 cats, Glove and Thunder,  a dog Zoey, a lonely cichlid, George and a bunch of lake fish that managed to get into my koi pond along with one gold fish cause all my koi ended up dying. 🙁

Glove, the princess cat

Zoey and Thunder the jungle cat

7. 2 Goals… one huge and unrealistic one,  and one achievable one…

I would like to be some big time artist and have a big art studio in Maui and have all my family and friends live there too since I probably couldn’t stand to be away from them. This is unattainable because basically I’m pretty lazy.

One I can probably pull off is to just keep trying to get in the studio to create. Art ain’t making itself up there.

8. 5 things in your purse besides money and a cell phone…

a red bandana
tons of coupons
the very last of my Maybeline “Hot, Hot Hot” red sparkly lipstick that they discontinued 🙁
my mp3 player
a pair of my son’s underwear (you never know)

9. The emotion or feeling you hate the most…

For myself: Guilt… I have to go with guilt. Feeling like I’m screwing up my son, by not always doing the right thing or saying the right thing. the only thing I don’t feel guilt about is that I love him unconditionally and never withhold love from him even if I am punishing him.

For other people: indecisiveness.

10. If you could have 50 pounds of anything except money or gold what would you want?

Well I keep thinking 50 pounds of chocolate covered raisins but I’d probably gain like 75 pounds from them, so my second choice is 50 pounds of fresh home grown tomatoes every month even in the winter. Yeah, that would be pretty sweet.

Ok that’s it! If you want to join in and get in on the giveaway or just share your quirkiness… go here

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