Mocee the Tuxedo cat annoyed

Grumpy Cat’s cousin.


Can I just say not? Ha ha… As usual, time seems to be running a few weeks (if not months!) ahead of my schedule. I’m not ready for 2015 but apparently it doesn’t give a hoot. What happened to December? I think I blinked and now it’s gone.

Oh well, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em… So…

Happy New Year! 2015 is here!

Black cat JuJu wearing party hat for New Years

JuJu is about 6 months old now, hasn’t she grown?! My little panther.


I have to admit that I am kinda glad the whole holiday madness is over. My sad looking Christmas tree is still up, although it’s missing about half it’s ornaments and I found a branch behind the television. I think JuJu and Mocee took it as a personal challenge this year to take it down (below). Cats and Christmas trees, why do I even try? Here’s before the assault.

JuJu hiding under bare Christmas Tree

JuJu looking guilty under a now bare tree

Raggedy Christmas tree attacked by cats

Raggedy Christmas tree attacked by cats

My family and I went on vacation this Christmas and left the cats to it. I honestly didn’t think it would even be standing when we returned, but to my surprise it was. We went to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina for the first time and it was really nice. We stayed at a resort called Coral Sands and I’ll share more with you about it in another post. I’m behind remember?

I want to show Christmas ornaments I hand painted this holiday season for my collectors and I took some Pin-worthy pictures of an Ugly Christmas Sweater that I made, or embellished rather, for a fun party that I attended just before Christmas that I want to share. I’ll have to edit some of the party pictures from that! What a night! haha

I’ll just have to start with 2014 Christmas decorations. I got into it a little bit more this year, although it was a bit late. I didn’t get my tree up until a week before Christmas.

Christmas vignette

Vignette with a favorite picture I took of Asher a couple of years ago with Zoey the dog who you can’t see here.

warm wishes snowmen candle holder

I’ve had this snowman candle holder forever. I love the family pics next to it. That’s me and Asher on top.

Christmas decorations vignette

Vignette with origami reindeer made and given to me by my friend Denise Burns and a vintage Christmas plate that was my mothers.

Christmas Vignette

I love all the red in this Christmas vignette and the Believe stone given to me by my mom ❤

Santa snow globe

I gave this to Asher this year and told him one day when he moves out it is his to take. I love the glitter snow inside. I wrote a special note to him on the base.


nutcracker fishing

I got this nutcracker for Asher this year and had him peeking out of a stocking


ornaments hanging from chandelier

I wanted to bring a little sparkle over the dining table, so I used some vintage and new ornaments

Bumble the Abominable Snow monster from Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer

How cute is this? I found it at Aldi’s with cookie mix and cutter in it and Asher and I made the cookies. Do you recognize him? It’s Bumble the Abominable Snow Monster from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Christmas decorations vignette

Vignette featuring my favorite Christmas art by my friend Heather Foust

That’s it for my photos I took of the Christmas decorations.

So, how’s 2015 treating you so far? Me? pretty good. I went to the dentist Monday and had no cavities which rates way up there for good things in my book. I’ve got an exhibit for the month of January at a local library again (Alexandrian in Mt. Vernon) woo hoo!, I’ve got tons of gorgeous photos that I took from Hilton Head and Savannah so I’ve got plenty of inspiration for new paintings and to top it off I’m already dreaming of my spring and summer gardens. What ‘cha got going for 2015?

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