This is to share with you the shear joy of being a child. Do you remember what it was like to find thrills in the simplest of things? I remember being so happy and smug with a simple playing card attached to my “Cactus Flower” bicycles spokes with a clothes pin, pretending to have a ten speed as a young girl. Or riding my Big Wheel in the street and the sound that it made that brought a smile to my face. Sitting in our driveway coloring rocks. Sharing a can of Double Cola or Ski with the thirty-five cents that we found in the laundry mat at my grandma’s apartment complex with about 4 friends (it didn’t last long!). Sitting outside on the steps of that same apartment with friends when the power was out one time. I have many fond memories of staying with my grandma a lot. She could cut up a chicken to feed 10 people. Best fried chicken you’d ever tasted, too. We fought for the pulley bone. Riding bicycles with my mom and dad through the park and fancy neighborhoods in the 70’s and early 80’s. The excitement I felt the entire day of July 4th just knowing we would be going downtown to the Ohio River to view the fireworks with all the people of Evansville. What a feeling of belonging that gave me.

I’m feeling a bit lonely and have carried a wistful smile with me today. It’s hard to stay sad for long though with such a cute kid, huh? I hope he will have simple and happy memories one day of growing up.

I’d love to hear of your most favorite memory.

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