Slowly but surely, I continue to work on my “Roses for the Dead” pastel painting. The work actually goes fast, but I’ve been doing busy work like painting frames and other things instead of working on this.

My local Blick Art Materials had some wing ding yesterday and was giving out pull tab cards with discounts on them. I pulled a 20% off which is good considering I didn’t have a coupon to be begin with but the lady in front of me picked out a card that was a $100 gift card! Dang! Oh well, good for her.

I’m hooking up with Paint Party Friday Woo Hoo! Go and see all the inspiration and talent there if you get a chance.

For those of you that read my post from last Friday, I have an update on my mammogram that I had to have “further evaluation” on. I got great news yesterday. I had my mammogram redone yesterday and everything is fine. No cancer! I am so relieved. The doctor was pointing at these little lines that crossed over in my x-rays that he was showing me but it all looked the same to me. Good thing that’s not my job! Anyway, thanks for all the nice things you all said and well wishes and prayers. I love our support group here in blogland.

Oh, also some of you may know about Google getting rid of friend connect (a way to follow blogs). I found through Inspiration Avenue an alternative by the same smart guy that brought us Mr. Linky. It’s free, you should check it out and if you do it, I’d love it if you followed me through there, too! See my upper right hand corner for a link.

Have a great weekend friends 🙂

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