Yesterday I mailed off a customized Vietnam Soldier Montage that I created with my friend Gale Woolem’s poem if you remember from about a year ago maybe a little longer. Ok, so this is a really bad photo of it, but I matted and framed it up at 11:30 at night and of course I forgot to take a picture the next morning, so I’m glad I at least snapped this with my phone. What handy devices those are!

Here’s a digital shot in case you haven’t seen it. The client had me customize it with her father in law’s photo and rank. It will be presented for Father’s Day. What a great gift, I’m sure he will love it. If you would like to have one for yourself or to give, it can be purchased here for $25 plus shipping. I normally sell it just matted, but I can frame it if you prefer.

Tonight I’m going on another ghost hunt/investigation! I’m so excited. My friend that went on the last ghost investigation to Waverly Hills Sanitorium is the one I’m going with. I got a good picture last time of something I cannot explain. An orb that was emitting its own light. So I’m hoping this will be just as good. We are going to some cabins in Rockport, Indiana with a group called SIPI, Southern Indiana Paranormal Investigators. My husband thinks I’m nuts… haha maybe I am. Stay tuned!

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